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[the facts]

So, you somehow dragged yourself into adulthood and at some point you figured out that your family messed you up.

Like, a lot.

Parents don’t have to be perfect, they do what they can within the limited resources that they have at hands, but some parents have the gift of shitting us up in a way that it is unbelievable.

Thus you go into therapy to handle the fact that the people who need to go to therapy refuse to seek help.

And you heal, as much as you can, but people continue being abusive assholes who have no care or respect to your mental health.

This is just an abridged guide on how to survive with your mental health (almost) intact after dealing with a neurotic, psychopathic or narcissistic family.

I did it. You can do it too.

And here I will explain how and provide you with some links of resources that you can use to help yourself to get out of the well.

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