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How to survive a crazy family without going crazy yourself

There are some moments in our lives that you just have to figure out if you are the one crazy or if everyone else around you is crazy.

So many things are happening around you that you start questioning your sanity, wondering if you are indeed as everyone point it out to you.

But I am here to help you to help yourself.

First of all, you need separate what is real from what is not real.

When you are being gaslit from your mom, dad, brothers or those significant others close to you, your own perception of reality is twisted. You start to doubt yourself, wondering if you have really said what you have said, if your thoughts are really your thoughts, if you are... indeed... you.

And it is at that time you need to take a step back.

You need to walk away, have a little me time, to travel or just go for a walk without them.

Grab a piece of paper, and write down some topics:

  • Who do you think you are?

  • Who do they they you you are?

  • Who do you want to be?

You might be quite surprised on how each one of those answers are quite different.

Once you realize that who you are and who you want to live, you need to make a plan of action. Because you will not get you out of that well without a plan.

  1. Do you need to study? Figure out where the courses are available and how much you need, and if scholarships are availabe for it.

  2. Do you need to move? Check with your friends if there is anyone willing to share a flat so you can get out of that poisonous environment.

  3. You can't move at the moment due to the circumstances. Give yourself a deadline. I will move by DD.MM.YYYY, and work towards it.

  4. Are you in danger? Seek help. Do not be shy, there are paths and entities that can offer you a hand, therapy, lawyers, cops and such.

  5. Most important of all: don't panic. Panic leads to mistakes, and if your life or your mind is in danger, you can not afford to commit mistakes at this point. Make a plan, make a backup plan, seek help, but do it.

While inactivity may be less dangerous and you keep lying to yourself that they will get better, he will not hit you again, your parents will change, he will stop betraying you, you know you are just lying to yourself.

Isolation and emotional disconnection from those around you will lead you to unhappiness.

And you are not meant to be unhappy.

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