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[k i n t s u g i]

Family. Tradition. Faith. Legacy.

Words that we throw around and use as benchmarks for our lives, but we very rarely stop to consider their meaning.

You are who you are because of those who came before you. Your life is a colorful watercolor drawn over the charcoal lines sketched by those in your past.


What is the difference between memory and history?

History is what you tell others.

Memory is what you carry within yourself.


With an accident that kills her mother and fatally wounds her father, Kez must travel back home to bury her family, unveil the past and face the elaborate fairy tales her family members cultivated throughout the years about her family, which differ greatly from her memories.

As she travels down the memory lane of her forefathers, she remembers where she came from, where she was and how far she has come, despite being shattered over and over by her close family.



First I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to have read your book. I fell enormously privileged to be given a rare chance to peek into your most intimate moments and most private and personal stories of your life.

It was your story, your roots, your ancestors, your family, your dreams, your happiness, your first love, your brokenness, your vulnerabilities, your heart beats... Yet there is an immensely rawness and realness to that, that I felt as if I was seeing and reliving my own story, my roots, my ancestors, my family, my dreams, my happiness, my first love, my brokenness, my vulnerabilities, my heartbeats right in front of my eyes. Your words somehow connected your Latin American culture with my Chinese ones. I can't explain but it was real.


Just finished your book! I need the next part !!!

I am mad at your mom. But i was mad at her before reading your book already.


I have finished your book yesterday and I really like the second part of it. Especially when you get into a deeper almost psychological modus. Loved it as I truly can relate. Some with love. Very nicely written, Kezia.

I liked the description of yoru father's work and him. He sounds like an amazing guy. I loved that you added quotes.

I pictured you while reading the book. The little Kezia, the 20's Kezia and the present one.


Here are some points of my review to your book: The book is enjoyable and easy to read. Interesting historical facts and personal facts. [Gabriel] Garcia Marques style. Family drama in which one can find themselves.

Every part [is] interesting in its [own] way. I guess for me it is double interesting because I know you. So it's also a way to get to know you through the book.

I like the the historical pats, but maybe because I am fond of history and past in general.


I have started with the book and read most of it in one sitting. I love it. The mixture of reality and fiction was driving me crazy. I wanted to call you while I was reading to check what was true or not. Thanks for picturing me so lovingly.


Waiting I am absolutely impressed by Kezia's storytelling; I actually felt like I just returned from a vacation exploring new worlds and cultures after reading this book and am definitely excited to read her future work. Highly recommend and congratulations to this talented author!the next book...

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