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It's been said that we fall in love three times in our lifetime.

For different reasons, at different times.

But there is a difference between falling in love and being in love.

And the more we stumble around our feelings, the more we learn about who we are, about our likes or dislikes, and what are the boundaries we are willing to cross, and what are the hard lines in the sand we are not willing to compromise.

The Kelpie_edited_edited.jpg

You can bury the past, but you cannot escape from it, because the ghosts of your experiences will find a way to haunt you if you do not settle down your issues with them.

Growth can only come from experience, and as Kez crawls out

of the pit of despair of her grief, she keeps meeting people who, one step a at a time, bring her her close to who she is supposed to be.

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