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[brazil series]

My country is beautiful.
But is also a very corrupt place, where the faith in the institutions has been dead for a long time since the first bribe paid to a politician to sort out some personal problems, still back in the time of the colonies.
So as the country bleeds and dies, our politicians stick rolls of money up their asses (quite literally) and ignore the suffering and hunger of those wandering in the streets.
These books will be a call for justice.
These books will be a tribute to the lost.

Planned books:

Brumadinho - January 25th 2019 - 270 deaths, 11 missing

Boate Kiss - January 27th 2013 - 242 deaths, 680 wounded

Covid 19 2020 to now -

Cesio 137 - September 13th 1987 - 4 dead - 1200 people tested for radiation

Mariana - November 5th 2015 - 19 dead, one dead river

O Massacre dos Candangos de Brasilia

Os crimes da Baronesa de Grajau

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